The core Architecture overview/Directories




The core Architecture overview/Directories

2012-04-26 10:10:14 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer

As normal Zend Framework project, our application contains an application folder and alibrary folder.

The library folder contains the generic scripts: the Zend Framework library, and the application library. this is the recommended place for all libraries.

The application folder contains your application specific code. it itself contains several folders each one has a specific usage.

  • the application/config folder

    contains config files related to all your application, config files and their content is detailed in a following paragraph.

  • the application/controllers folder

    should contains the controllers that do not belong to any module of your application.

  • the application/layout folder

    contains your application layouts (by default, it contains a admin.phtml and a default.phtml that are respectively your bacoffice and frontoffice layout).

  • the application/modules folder

    contains your application modules, your application should be splitted into feature driven sub-division, for example, we have done a module user for encapsulate user related features module content will be detailed in a following paragraph.

  • the application/view folder

    contains views that are associated with the controllers present in application/controllers folder. it may contains view files that are used in several modules (this files are often used with the partial view helper).


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