Script installation guide and help tips.




Script installation guide and help tips.

2012-04-25 05:51:00 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
The easiest way to install this application is to use the installation wizard after download the product from your Client Area.

The install script is extremely simple. The only action required on your part is to click the next button when each step is completed and you will be prompted for each action that is required from your side to proceed with installation. However, there are some things you need to do before you start to ensure the process runs smoothly.
Before you start

Check that:
  • Hosting Server qualifies our System Requirement

  • PHP is installed on your server

  • MySQL is installed on your server

  • ionCube loader is installed or enabled

  • Login to your Client Area and Click on "My Service" link on the top menu and find the zip file link below to download and install If any of these are not, install these first.

Create your database

If you do not already have a database that you want to use, you next need to create your database.


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