License Troubleshooting




License Troubleshooting

2012-04-24 01:07:55 & Posted by : Mr Developer Developer
If the Application software can not validate the license the following message may be displayed.
There was a problem validating your software license.


  • Verify your license code is in defaults.php
  • Try reissueing your license.

    If you still receive problems, please contact support

If you receive this invalid license message please try the steps below.

1. Ensure your license number is valid in defaults.php

2. Try to reissue your license. (Please log in to your Client Area for this.)

3. Ensure your download access is up to date for the version you are using. If a version was released after your download access expired you will receive an error.

4. Ensure your web host has CURL enabled. Also ensure your web host does not have an outbound firewall preventing CURL from connecting to and The license does not connect/require a connection to as well as on an ongoing basis. A single connection is needed to download the license key automatically.

5. If you are unable to have your web host enable CURL or re-downloading your key does not work you may need to contact us to manually set your license.

If all of the above steps don't work, please submit a ticket and we will look into the problem.


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