License Details




License Details

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License Terms Summary
  • For full terms please see here.
  • A license allows one application to be run on one domain name (sub-domains not included).

    Sub-folders are allowed on a single license.  For example and only requires one license.
  • The license term is lifetime for version(s) that were released during your download access period.
  • 1 Year of download access is included in the initial license purchase
  • Additional years of download access requires a fee (see our online cart for pricing)
  • Branding may be removed from the front-end but to remove branding from the administrative area requires a fee (see below)
  • Some files are encrypted using ionCube.  Only several back-end/class files are encrypted.
  • All template files and most files needed for customizations are open and may be edited.  If a customization conflicts with an encrypted file please contact us.
Renewing Download Access

Follow these steps to renew download access for a license where download access has expired:

  1. Login to your user account at
  2. Click on "My Orders" in the user area menu.
  3. Click on "View/Download" next to the license you wish to renew downloads on.
  4. Click the "Extend" or red "Renew" link  next to the date which shows when downloads expire.

All of our Application's branding are included on the front-end and the administrator area in the footer and logo.

The branding on the front-end side may be freely removed without stipulations.

The branding on the administrative area requires purchasing the Unbranding Addon before the branding can be removed.


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